The Glass Museum, in Marinha Grande

The Glass Museum is a permanent institution, unincorporated and non-profit service of society and its development. Brings together collections that testify to the industrial, artisanal and Portuguese artistic glass since the mid-seventeenth / eighteenth century to the present. It is the only museum specifically devoted to the study of art, craft and glass industry in Portugal.

Although the scope and objectives of the museum on its creation and subsequent development of the museum program has not been extended to earlier times, when you consider its representativeness and national coverage, the research projects that have achieved and who has been involved, and given that it is the only museum of this specialty in Portugal, justified a reflection that led the drafting of the new museum program enlargement of the parameters for incorporating glass essentially archaeological nature prior to industrialization and consequent treatment testimonies, thematic and previous processes to the eighteenth century.

In the field of art, the museum seeks to give representation to various artistic and design trends, looking to bring together an international collection of contemporary art glass, presently consists of dozens of works by Portuguese and foreign artists of the twentieth century to the present.

In addition to the important role the study of the level of the glass industrial activity of the past, the museum also deals with the documentation of this activity and encouraging their continuation in the future.

The Glass Museum is open to the public six days a week, with a diverse cultural program, and is one of the most important centers of individual and collective cultural appreciation in the glass area as well as to attract leisure and tourism flows in region of Marinha Grande.

The museum will continue to play an important role in terms of cultural activity, scientific and educational local, national and international, encouraging the participation of different types of public and particularly the local community – in developing the objectives, functions and its activities.

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