“O Casulo” House of painter José Malhoa, in Figueiró dos Vinhos

Located at Avenida José Malhoa, with the Figueiroense Club – House of Culture, the “Cocoon” was the residence that the Grand Master had built after fixation in Figueiró Wine. This residence has a plant consists of two rectangular bodies, tees, and the North-oriented body primitive atelier of the painter, built in 1895. The other body corresponds to the expansion designed by LE Reynaud in 1898, whose function was residential. A turret provides the junction of the two arms of the house, which has the walls plastered and painted the color of brick. The corners and the window frames are cut in rustic stone and lintels and cornices feature tiled friezes of mine Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro. In this typical romantic challet stands out inside the small open room to the porch, lined with carved leather, together with the ceiling covered wood. In the garden there is an arbor and a lake, the taste of the time. In 1982 the building was considered property of Cultural Value and municipal Interest mercy of its memorial value, which is associated to stay at the José Malhoa county that there produced much of his work, and died there on 23 October 1933.

Since July 26, 2013, it is installed on the ground floor of the building of the Chess Museum.

The Figueiró dos Vinhos Tourist Office of Wines started to work on “Cocoon of Malhoa” following the works of Recovery and Rehabilitation of that property classified as municipal interest.

Thus, Figueiró Wine now has a place with undeniable able to receive visitors and tourists in the area adjacent to the new Museum and Arts Center, allowing a clear strengthening of Cultural Tourism.

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